Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friday Jan 28, 2011--KLCI is down 7.7 at 1519.26 (11:31am) Ranhill also follows the trend of the market

At 11.19 am KLCI is down 7.11 at 1519.81.

Ranhill(5030) is supposed to fly because of the contract announced yesterday. However, because the market is weak, so it also follows the trend.

It went up to 0.93 this morning but the price cannot hold, it came down to 0.89 at 11.23am

News supposed to drive the price up but not necessary.

That is why I said when you bought a stock, you are at risk because there is no guarantee it will go. Even if the price rises, it might not hold so you still have to know when to buy and when to sell to grasp the profit if you are doing trading.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thursday Jan 27, 2011--At 3:46pm KLCI is up by 7.59 at 1527.59. The Edge reported about the announcement by Ranhill...

At 3:46 pm KLCI is up by 7.59 at 1527.59.

Market was so bad yesterday, but today it just changed completely.

My friend called me to inform me about Ranhill's announcement on The Edge online news as follows:

Ranhill subsidiary has lion share of RM1.07b Petronas Gas job PDF Print E-mail
Written by Surin Murugiah of
Thursday, 27 January 2011 15:00
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KUALA LUMPUR: RANHILL BHD [] has said its subsidiary Ranhill WorleyParsons Sdn Bhd has a 70% stake in the consortium with MUHIBBAH ENGINEERING (M) BHD [] that secured the RM1.07 billion contract from PETRONAS GAS BHD [], making it the major beneficiary.

The consortium was awarded the engineering, procurement, CONSTRUCTION [], installation and commissioning for the LNG regasification unit, berth and subsea pipeline.

Ranhill said on Thursday, Jan 27 that Ranhill WorleyParsons is its 51%-owned subsidiary.

“The consortium is led by Ranhill, and the contract is valued at RM 1.07 billion with a 70:30 split in favour of Ranhill,” it said.

The announcement was made following Muhibbah’s statement issued on Wednesday, Jan 26 about the contract.

Construction is set to start by the second quarter of 2011 and is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2012.

The facilities near Sungai Udang Port, Melaka will have a maximum send-out gas capacity of 3.8 million tonnes per annum.

Central to the whole facilities is the LNG Regasification Plant which will regasify liquefied natural gas and once regasified, the gas will be transmitted into the Peninsular Gas Utilisation (PGU) pipeline.

Blogger: It is opened at 0.88. At 2:46, the price started to move to 0.89 and when I saw it, it was 0.915. Later it came down to 0.905 at 3.51pm.

When you read the paper tomorrow, it might just move again. This shows how news can push the counter. You need to get the news early and get in early and get out at the right time to make some profit thru trading.

Timing, timing, timing.

Jan 26, 2011 (Wednesday) Share prices dip into red on profit-taking in early trading but recovered in the afternoon, KLCI still negative

BURSA MALAYSIA: Share Prices Dip Into Red On Profit-taking In Early Trading

Share prices on Bursa Malaysia continue to dip into red in early trading today as the market remains in profit-taking, mainly on finance and plantation stocks, ahead of the lunar New Year next week.

At 5pm, the FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) fell 6.43 points to 1,520.

Losers led gainers 418 to 328, while 311 counters were unchanged, 335 untraded.

Volume stood at 1419.504 million shares worth RM2601.470 million.

Blogger:Yesterday I felt that market is gone because many stocks appeared so weak. The risers faced a lot of pressure from the seller and eventually they also fell down.

Today market was down to 21 points in the early part of trading because of Digi, BAT KLK which faced some minor profit-taking. If you have the courage and still dare to trade, you can also make some money.

For example, if you were to buy HWGB(9601) at 0.52 for 20,000 shares, you can sell at 2:49 at 5.65 and make some profit.

KUB came down to 0.755 and went up to 0.825 at 12:23 and if your timing is right, you will make your money.

Olympia went down to 0.39 at 9:20 am and went up to 0.435 at 2:53pm. If you can catch just 20,000 units, you can make RM 779.05.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

KL Shares continue downtrend on Tuesday (Jan 25, 2011)

January 25, 2011 5 PM

BURSA MALAYSIA: KL Shares Continue Downtrend

At 5pm, the FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI was 16.54 points easier at 1,526.43.

TA Securities Head of Research Kaladher Govindan said profit-taking activities would continue this week ahead of the Chinese New Year celebration.

He said investors were cautious and remained sidelined following the lack of market-stimulating movements.

Blogger: There were 292 counters up and 511 counters down. The market is quite weak. It is not suitable for trading. The best is stay out at the moment.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Jan 24, 2011-- The market is down but there are still trading opportunities..

The market is down by 4.46 recorded at 1542.97 but there are still trading opportunities. There were 258 counters up and 548 counters down.

I ran my explorer on Meta Stock and 5 stocks came to my list, namely IRCB(2127), MPHB(3859), MUIIND(3891), Dutaland(3948) and Jadi(7223)。

IRCB closed at 0.295. The recent high was on Jan 18, 2011 at 0.34. It came down to Jan 21 of 0.275 and rebound today(Jan 24, 2011)

MPHB closed at 2.35. The recent high was 2.44 on Jan 10, 2011. It came down to a low of 2.26 on Jan 21, 2011. It rebounded today.

MUIIND closed at 0.235. The recent high was recorded at 0.26 on Jan 17, 2011. It dropped to 0.22 of Jan 24(today) before it staged a rebound and closed at 0.235.

Dutaland closed at 0.55. The recent high was recorded at 0.58 on Jan 12, 2011. The candle stick chart showed that it was a bearish doji. It later came down to 0.51 of Jan 24 (today)before staging a rebound.

Jadi closed at 0.265. The recent high was 0.28 on Jan 14, 2011. It slipped to Jan 21, 2011 of 0.24 and came back today(Jan 24, 2011)

Takaso (7071) closed at 0.37. You can see black candle on Jan 19, 2011 but on Jan 21 and 24, you can see white candles showing positive sign. Well...

Redtone (0032) closed at 0.185. Sometime you thought the stock will never come down when it is moving up quite strongly. However, when you jump in and buy, you thought it will continue to fly, it came down.

The recent high of Redtone was recorded at 0.215 on Jan 13, 2011. It just came down to 0.185 on Jan 24( today). Will it rebound? I think so.

Salcon(8567) closed at 0.68. You can see two dojis were formed on Jan 13 and Jan 14. Doji shown after a short run up of the market normally can be categorized as bearish doji. Indeed they were bearish dojis because the stock came down from 0.745(Jan 14) to 0.675 (today).

On Dec 6, 2010, Salcon also came down to 0.675 low but it quickly recovered. Will history repeat itself. What do you think? The essence of technical analysis is history will repeat itself. Well, show me again.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

KLCI is down because of China increased its deposit reserve ration by 0.5 % to 19%

At 2:44pm, KLCI is down by 16.38 recorded at 1550.13.

Why is market down? This is because last Friday, the central bank of China, People's Bank of China(PBoC) has announced that banking institutions of China are required to further raise the renminbi deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage point as from January 20, 2011.

Check the posting on the internet as follows: (January 17, 2011)

Banks Required to Raise Renminbi Deposit Reserve Ratio
Posted on: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 05:55:47 EST

BEIJING, Jan 17, 2011 (SinoCast Daily Business Beat via COMTEX) --

As the central bank of China, People's Bank of China (PBoC) has required banking institutions to further raise the renminbi deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage point as from January 20, 2011.

Over the past year, the country's commercial banks had raised the raise the renminbi deposit reserve ratio by three percentage points for six times. After the adjustment this time, four of the country's large state lenders, including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (601398.SH, 1398.HK), Bank of China (601988.SH, 3988.HK), China Construction Bank (601939.SH, 0939.HK) and Agricultural Bank of China (601288.SH, 1288.HK), will see their deposit reserve ratio stand at 19.0%.

One official with PBoC has pointed out that the central bank is understood to tighten the liquidity via the move; and such a decision is made based upon the status of funds outstanding for foreign exchange. As available data showed, the new incremental foreign exchange reserves of China were USD 199 billion during the last quarter of 2010, thus hitting the quarterly high ever since 1997. By month, the nation's foreign exchange reserves added USD 112.6 billion, USD 6.9 billion and USD 79.5 billion in October, November and December 2010, respectively.

As for the funds outstanding for foreign exchange, the whole-year amount reached CNY 22.58 trillion in 2010, with the figure of CNY 403 billion in last December alone. With the appreciation of Chinese Yuan, up to CNY 400 billion funds outstanding for foreign exchange are expected for January 2011.

As from December 26, 2010, banking financial institutions of China were asked to adjust up the benchmark loan rate and benchmark deposit rate further. This was the second time for the country's central bank to raise the benchmark interest rates within 2010, after which, the benchmark interest rate for one-year deposits was 2.75% and the benchmark interest rate for one-year loans was 5.81%. Also, the interest rates of two-year, three-year and five-year deposits have been adjusted by 0.3%, 0.3% and 0.35% respectively; and the interest rates for three-month and half-year deposits have been raised by 0.34% and 0.3% respectively. As for the main reason of the move, the regulatory department is believed to try to tighten the liquidity and mitigate the inflation pressure.

Vice Governor of the central bank said that the authority is going to adopt various tools of monetary policy at the next step, such as the adjustment of deposit reserve ratio, the adjustment of benchmark interest rate, and the open market operation. An economist with the Industrial Bank predicts that more such moves will be carried out in 2011.

(USD 1 = CNY 6.59)

Source: (January 17, 2011)


While studied the market in a trading perspective, I realized more that all the stocks have got its cycle. If you can read it well, you can make money all the time.

Takaso(7071) does not have big players, just small players. Even so you can buy low and sell high. How you do it? You check it out.

Salcon(8567) is getting hit. If it cannot break thru 0.70, it has to consolidate at a lower level,

Muiind(3891) went up because of the insurance deal. It is still under negotiation. Why it came down? That is the issue. You see even stock that carried the news will also come down because that is technical.

Unisem(5005) came down to 2.13 and rebound to 2.18 at 3:01 pm. This stock is on the trend because there is a news from oversea that the demand for chips is still strong.

How not to get the timing wrong? How to get the right price? These are important.

I find that I have to check the chart before I do any investment otherwise it will always be either buying at the wrong price or it is at the wrong timing.

Trading or investing is a serious business. Have to be careful.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wednesday News(Jan 19, 2011)達加富資源(TAKASO,7071,主板消費組)幾時飆升?













1月19日下午4時19分,此股挂0.695, 破0.70,準備持票,怕它會先下之後才會傷。





目前出現在Meta Stock投資搜查軟件所發現的股項還有華安國際(HUAAN,2739,主板工業組),阿末查基資源(AZRB,7078,主板建築),華陽(HUAYANG,5062,主板產業組)及富達置地(DUTALND,3948,主板種植組)。

Jan 18, 2011--KLCI dropped 4.45(1570.04) and the volume is also coming down

At 5:00 pm, KLCI is down by 4.45 (1570.04) and the volume is also coming down.

Can we still trade? If we are trading the momentum of the market, we need to side line ourselves. If we are trading for the swing of the market, you still need to watch the market and enter at the right moment.

I am still monitoring Takaso( 7071). I notice on Jan 8, 2010, it was at the low of 0.22 but suddenly in just three trading day, it moved to 1.00, up by 78 cents.

Later on it came down. Oct 1, 2010, the history repeated itself. It moved from 0.355 to 0.63 just within 4 trading days, up 0.275.

On Nov 3, 2010, it started the show from 0.335 and the next day it reached 0.42, not so fantastic but you still can make some money.

Dec 6, 2010, it has slid to 0.325, however within 12 trading days, it moved to 0.585, up 26 cents.

Today(Jan 18, 2011), it opened at 0.375 but in the evening near closing, it slid to the low of 0.355 because of the force-selling. It closed at 0.36. 484,500 shares transacted today. Yesterday's volume was 393,500 shares.

Salcon(8567) was also hit by forceselling. It closed at 0.71. From today's trading pattern, I can see there are people accumulating the stock. Normally, if the market accumulated enough of this stock, it will just move.

Redtone(0032) closed at 0.19. It came down because Gpacket(0082) also came down. Gpacket closed at 0.79, some profit taking activities was taking place.

When the market sentiment is good, Redtone might just moved.

Muiind(3891) closed at 0.24. This morning, it opened at 0.25 and went up to 0.26 but later it ran out of steam and came down. Since Muiind is negotiating the sale of Mui Continental Insurance with Liberty, the stock should move.

Kinstel(5060) performs quite well today. It closed at 0.97. Meta stock explorer picked up Huaan(2739), AZRB(7078), Huayang(5062) and Dutaland(3948). Will write about them later.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jan 17, 2011(Monday)Market is still at lower liners, Kub(6874), Saag(9652), Hwgb(9601), Tebrau(1589)

Market is still at lower liners, Kub(6874), Saag(9652), Hwgb(9601), Tebrau(1589)

At 4:18pm, KLCI is up 2.66 recorded at 1572.55. Hong Kong is down 130.50 recorded at 24162.15.

I need to check some of the stocks that I am monitoring.

Kinstel(5060) is 0.95. It seems that there is one stockbroking wrote about this stock and recommended a buy. It said the target price is 1.20.

It seems that MUIind(3891) has secured green light from Bank Negara to negotiate the selling of MUI Continental Insurance's stake (52.21%) to American based company Liberty. It was recorded at 0.22 on Jan 13, 2011 but jump to 0.255.

I missed the Friday show and was thinking of jumping in but it has heavy volume. At 4:30pm, it is recorded at 0.245, the low was 0.24. Will it come down? It is difficult to say although there is this negotiation going on. Anybody wanted to buy still need to take a risk.

Salcon(8567)'s price range is between 0.72 to 0.735. When I was looking at it during the weekend, the stock closed at 0.725 showing a doji on Jan 14. A day before, that is on Jan 13, there is another doji.

When the price is at a low level, doji is bullish signal. I notice in the past the stock will just fly after doji signals are shown. That happened on Nov 15, 2010 which pushed the price to 0.89.

History will repeat itself. That is the principle of technical analysis. It will move. When it will move is another question. It is always the right timing.

Takaso(7071) is priced at 0.38 at 4.44pm. Last year, the stock has the habit of sudden surge. There were three such occasions, that is on Jan 12 to 1.00, Oct 7, 0.63 and Dec 22, 0.585.

The high is getting lower. Could the next high be 0.485?

Redtone(0032) seems to move in tandem with Gpacket(0082). Redtone is at 0.20 at 4.57pm whereas Gpacket is 0.815. Gpacker might consolidate before it takes off.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday(Jan 14, 2011)Market is correcting today, can we still trade?

At the point of writing, it is 3:49 pm, the marketing is correcting. Can we still buy or rather can we still trade?

Trading is about buy low and sell high. This is in the stock market. If you can sell short, you can sell high and buy low.

Tebrau(1589) was 99 sen this morning, now it is 0.92. Market is always fluctuating.

Jaks moved to 82 this morning and later came down, still positive. It is priced at 0.795 at 3:53pm

PChem(5183) is priced at 6.14.

I was watching GPacket(0082). This stock jumped up yesterday. Today it came down
to 0.80. I was thinking of buying yesterday because it is in my explorer list. However, I thought it it might come down because of the quick jump. True enough, this morning, it came down to as low as 80 cents. I thought it might break the 80 cents level, but it did not. It just came back at 3:48pm recorded a price of 0.835.
Well, we have to think fast and act fast.

Look at the greenpacket chart, there is a doji yesterday. This is a bearish sign, no wonder today came down.

If I were to buy 20,000 at 80 cents and sell it at 0.835, I would have made RM 459.00, just half a day's work.

Salcon(8567) came back to my explorer's list. I saw a doji for yesterday's chart formation. To me, this stock will perform soon. At 4:12pm, it is priced at 0.72. Today's price range is from 0.72 to 0.745, most are done at 0.73. If this stock continued to move, it will challenge the 0.89 price level.

Ynhprop(3158) has moved to 1.84. At 4:15pm, it is priced at 1.82.

Dufu(7233) is trying to break the resistance price of 0.455 but did not manage. Maybe later, maybe Monday. Price takes time to move.

Takaso(7071) is also trying to break 0.39 resistance but came back to 0.38 because the overall market sentiment is no good.

Redtone(0032) is still in the consolidating stage. It might move next week.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thursday(Jan 13, 2011)--Market is still at the lower liners

The market is still concentrating on the lower liners. Look at today top 10 counters, namely Kbunai(3115),Compugt(5037),Daya(0091),Bornoil(7036),Saag(9652),
Tebrau(1589),Scomi(7158),HWGB(9601),Ramunia(7206)and Mixbiz(9733).

Kbunai, Daya, Bornoil, Tebrau, Scomi, HWGB and Ramunia came into my explorer list.

Explorer is a important feature in Meta Stock where you need to spend a few minutes to scan thru 2000 counters and pick up potential stocks. It is just amazing. However, you need to put in proper formulae.

I don't like stock that are too hot. I am still watching Salcon(8567), Ynhprop(3158),Redtone(0032), Takaso(7071.

I put Dufu(7233) back in to my watch list because it came out in the 6 day moving average explorer's list.

At 12:12pm, Salcon is price at 0.725. It dropped to 0.715 and came back to 0.73 at one time. I think someone is watching this stock because there were a lot of buyers at 0.715 which is a strong support.

Takaso was quite cold this morning. At 12:20 pm, it is priced at 0.375. It came back to my 6 day moving average list today. Yesterday candle stick chart showed white candle, bullish sign. 14 day RSI also turned up recorded at 47.82.

Someone is still collecting at this level.

Ynhprop is priced at 1.79 at 12:30pm. Someone is playing this stock because there were heavy trading at 10:16 am. It seems to me that some players are doing a roll over at 1.70, 1.71, 1.72 and 1.73.

You need to trade this stock or you need to buy and keep and wait for the right price to dispose. It is your choice.

Redtone is priced at 0.21 at 12:30pm. All the penny stocks are moving. This one may be next in line.

Redtone's recent high was 0.24 at Nov 4, 2010. After 38 trading days of correction, it started to show a reversal sign on Jan 3, 2011.

If you were to buy 100,000 shares at 0.21 and sell at 0.22, you could make RM 684.10 or if you hold a little longer to wait for the 0.24 to appear, you could make RM 2669.50. Can you take this risk? Think of the risk first, don't think of the gain.

Dufu is priced at 0.45 at 12:30pm. Today's low is 0.44 and the high is 0.455. It might challenged the high of 0.485 achieved on Nov 8, 2010.

14 day RSI is recorded at 62.49 and is still heading upwards yesterday.

Wednesday(Jan 12, 2011) Trade the stock you feel comfortable

Today is still on penny stocks. Oil and gas counters also moved. I think if you want to make money, you don't have to go into heavy volume stocks because a lot of time, they are in the phase of distributing.

Salcon (8567) came into my watch list because my 6-day moving average chart captured it. Yesterday it was positive but today it went into consolidation. Look at the day chart, seems to me someone is collecting.

At 3.31pm, it is price at 0.725.

The counters in my watch list moved. I am just getting exciting.

Takaso(7071) is attempting to pull itself out of consolidation. It is priced at 0.375 at 3.33pm

Ynhprop(3158) shows positive sign. I am right again. It is priced at 1.75 at 3.33pm. It was 1.77 a little while ago.

I keep watching. If all my prediction can just come true, I have the key to open up the door of wealth.

If one counter you can made 100 ringgit, 10 counters will be 1000 ringgit. If one day you can make 1000 ringgit, 1 month you will be able to make 20,000 ringgit. Cool...

Redtone(0032) is in consolidating phase. It is priced at 0.195 at 4.05pm. In view of the fact that most of the penny stocks are moving, Redtone might be next in line because I saw white candle appeared yesterday and gravestone doji on Jan 7 and Jan 10 signaling bullish future.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

週二(Jan 11, 2011)交易心語——— Penny Stock,投機氣氛濃厚,有點像買大小,可以說是賭運氣

Penny Stock,投機氣氛濃厚,有點像買大小,可以說是賭運氣


這些股項英文叫Penny Stock,我們叫低價股,投機氣氛濃厚,有點像買大小,你認為可以上就買,賭運氣,聽消息,沒有技術可言,股友要很清楚。


後來,此股經過9個交易天的調整,終在今年1月7日見到Gravestone Doji,當天掛1.39。


此股週二改名為Petone,即Petrol One Resourus Bhd。













Monday, January 10, 2011

Market is still hot but you need to pick the right one

NEW YORK — Stocks indexes were mostly lower on Monday, with telecommunication companies leading the way down.

AT&T Inc. fell the most out of the 30 stocks that make up the Dow Jones industrial average. Its competitor, Verizon Wireless, is expected to announce Tuesday that it will start selling Apple Inc.'s iPhone, breaking AT&T's long hold on iPhone customers.

AT&T's stock dropped 1.8 percent to $28.34. Apple gained 1.8 percent to $342.45.
Stocks spent most of the day lower ahead of the latest round of corporate earnings reports. After the market closed, Alcoa Inc. reported that rising sales of aluminum products helped it turn a profit of 24 cents a share in its fourth quarter. The results topped analysts' estimates of 18 cents a share.

The Dow ended the day down 37.31 points, or 0.3 percent, to close at 11,637.45
The Standard & Poor's 500 lost 1.75, or 0.1 percent, to 1,269.75. The Nasdaq composite gained 4.63, or 0.2 percent, to 2,707.80.

Hong Kong is up by 53.14 (23580.4) and shanghai down 5.10 (2787.27)

KLCI is also down 2.76 (1560.76) at 10.42 am

I am getting excited because what I have spotted the other day most have gone up, for example Mahsing(8583) is now 2.12.

I am watching Takaso(7071). I think some players are playing and they are waiting for the right moment to strike. They are accumulating. Now is 0.36

A&M(5959) is played by some small players. Give it a few days, I think it will move.
Now is 0.545.

Ynhprop(3158) is also in the accumulating stage. It is into the high end property market. Now is 1.73.

I saw SEG(9792) but dare not try and it moved so fast yesterday. Now is 2.72.

I notice Petone(7027), which was called changhuat corporation Bhd. It appeared on my explorer list. Now is 1.54.

Salcon(8567) is quite active. The market are playing water stocks. This is one of them. It is priced at 0.735.

Penergy(5133) is getting active. Yesterday was only 1.61. Now is 1.63, rebounding.

penny stocks went up.

Penny stocks went up. It is difficult to trade penny stocks unless you wanted to pick them up. It is like a gamble. You see it is up, you think it is going up and you just buy 100,000 shares or 500,000 shares depending on your capacity.

If it does not go up and you are caught, then you need to pick them up. If you force-sell, then you will lose money. There is no technique in trading penny stock because the volume is so much and you just cannot say it is buying volume or selling volume.

I am glad that those counters that I spotted a few days ago had gone up. For example MMCcorp(2194), Sunway(4308),Zhulian(5131), KPS(5843), HSL(6238).

I am watching Takaso(7071), Ynhprop(3150),Twscorp(4804).

I was thinking of buying SEG(9702) and it has gone up to 2.63, the day high was 2.67. SEC was in my explorer list last week. My explorer formula is working.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What is Takaso doing?

Takaso Resources Berhad(7071) is an investment holding company.

The Company operates in three business segments: manufacturing, trading and other. The manufacturing segment is engaged in the manufacturing of condoms, baby products and moulds.

The trading segment is engaged in trading and retailing rubber products, baby apparels, infant milk formula and toiletries.

The other segment consists of investment holding company and a subsidiary, which is dormant.

The Company’s subsidiaries include Takaso Rubber Products Sdn. Bhd., LSR Technology Sdn. Bhd., Japlo Healthcare Sdn. Bhd., Romantic Family Planning Sdn. Bhd. and Takaso Marketing Sdn. Bhd. The Company operates mainly in Malaysia.

Sunway(4308) is the next in line and follow by...

Meta stock is working. I saw Supermx(7106) appearing on my explorer's list which shows a reversal. I was telling my client to buy at 4.20. The low was 4.16 this morning. I had wanted to buy but because it is a high price stock, I am hesitated. Before I could think further, it has moved to 4.39.

I spotted many counters like MMCcorp(2194) and it has moved to 3.11 this morning.

KPS(5843) also moved to 1.52 this morning.

I loved it. If all I spotted can just moved in one or two days' time, Meta stock will be like an ATM cards to me.

P&O(6009) appeared on my list yesterday. It moved to 0.96 this morning.

3A(0012) was under my surveillance yesterday. It moved to 1.79 this morning. If I can be right most of the time, I can turn into a trader instead of a broker.

I was watching JAKS(4723) the other day and Jaks moved to top 10 today.

HWGB(9601) was in my list a few days ago. Today it has moved to top 10 counters.

DRBHCOM(1619) was also in my list. Remember I said I saw a doji in DRBHCOM and I thought it will have a correction. I think there was some correction and after that it moved to positive territory very fast.

I am watching Sunway(4308), Takaso(7071), Dufu(7233), Zhulian(5131) and HSL(6238).

Whether I buy or not is not important to you. But the fact that if I spotted them and if I said they will move in one or two days's time and they did, that itself is an achievement to me. That means my foresight is as good as my hindsight.

This is my trading and monitoring diary and I hope I can write daily so that I can share with you my thought and I can improve myself.

Please ask your remisier or consult an investment analyst before you buy or sell stocks.

I am a stock broker and I buy and sell shares for my clients and help them to make profit.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

HSL (6238) will have a short correction today before bound back

Ramunia(7206) is just great. I don't want to look at it but it is a top 10 counters.

Anyway, it is ok. Scomi(7158), I was watching also. Many of my clients sold it and that affected my decision to buy. Anyway, I should be objective not subjective.

Ta(4898) moved. I don't want to say whether I bought or not. I am watching and monitoring and I will buy at the right time and get out at the right time.

You play your game and I play mine and don't let me influence you. Ask your remisiers. I want to pen down as a matter of record. I record what I think and what I have observed so that I can improve my trading skill to help me and my clients in the stock market.

Olympia(3018) moved to 0.32 today. See I told you yesterday.

I am watching MMccorp (2194), Sunway(4308), Zhulian(5131), KPS(5843), Dufu(7233), HSL(6238), 3A(0012), P&O (6009).

Market now is recorded at 1565.67 and the high this morning was 1576.95, quite a big fluctuation.

I think the market will be able to run for about two weeks.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ramunia must have some news circulating in the market

Ramunia(7206) performs quite well today. I could have entered though I have missed the 0.455 level. The price moved quite steady today. I dare not try because in many past instances, I get caught every time I chase stock.

Maybe next time can try. Actually you need to watch the movement and momentum to decide.

At the point of writing, Ramunia moved to the high of 0.565.

I am also watching other stock like MMccorp(2194), Olympia(3018),Sunway(4308), Zhulian(5131),KPS(5843), DuFu(7233) and HSL(6238).

Well, you watch yourself. I am busy monitoring. Talk to you later...

Kbunai moved with market rumours

Kbunai(3115) showed dragonfly doji on Dec 30,2010. At that time, the price was only 17 cents. I was telling this counter is always carried a heavy volume. If I were to buy, I may get caught with this stock and might have to hold for a few months.

Today, it moved to the high of 0.225. If I were to buy 100,000 shares at 0.17 and sold it at 0.225, my profit is RM 5210.15. That means the formula I input into the Meta Stock worked. The explorer can picked up the right stock for me.

My 6 day mov average picked up HWGB(9601), Mulpha(3905), Ramunia((7206), Ta(4898), Lioncorp(3581), Daya(0091) on Dec 30, 2010.

At that time, HWGB was 0.355 and today's high is 0.39. If I were to buy 20,000 shares, I could have made 590.13. If I were to buy 100,000 shares, I could have made Rm 2954.65.

Mulpha was only 0.53. If I were to buy 20,000 shares, I could have made RM 1035.88 if I could dispose it at 0.595. If I am have more courage and I bought 100,000 at 0.53, I could have made Rm 5677.25.

Ramunia was 0.455 and today is 0.505. Ta was 0.755 and today is 0.795. Lioncorp was 0.265 and today is 0.28 and the high was 0.285.

Daya was 0.22 and today's high is 0.245.

On hindsight, you probably wanted to buy 100,000 or even 500,000 shares. But you need to manage the risk. Don't think the stock will definitely go up. If it comes down, can you handle. If you were to lose, can you afford to pay. In Malaysia, we normally buy shares on credit, if you normally pay your debt, the remisier will normally allow you to buy. You have to be able to control yourself. If you just buy as much as you want, you probably end up losing. Remember, when you bought a stock, if you don't have the money to pay you can only hope that it goes up. If if comes down, you will definitely lose money because you cannot afford to pay.

To make money, you have to manage the risk first. Don't lose your head.

Many stocks that I mentioned also moved. Zelan moved as high to 64 cents today. Perisai's high is 60 cents, Malton's top price is 0.765, Mahsing's high is 1.90, YTLe's high is 1.33, Hiaptek's high is 1.22. Uchitec's top price is 1.32.

Great. KLCI went up 18.47 and closed at 1551.89

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Perisai(0047) is in my stock watch list.

Today was a busy. I was watching Perisai(0047) which has moved a bit. I am happy because I am right again.

Ramunia(7206) also moved and I have spotted it a few days ago. I did not catch it because I got other position. I was scare it might come down first, instead it went up.

Zelan(2283) also moved again after some correction.

Hiaptek(5072) has moved a bit. Ytle(0009) comes alive today. Uchitec(7100)also was up by 1 cent.

I missed out Bornoil(7036) which went up 15 cents. I checked the chart and I think I can see a doji on Dec 14 and a tombstone doji on Dec 20 which are bullish sign.

I should have caught it in the early morning but I was busy with trading and monitoring the market.

Etitech(0118) is also coming, up by 1.5 cent.

I missed Kub(6874) again, the low today was 0.67 and the high was 0.74 and it closed at 0.725.

I am trying to use the hindsight to improve by foresight. I think we can make some money in the market if we are not greedy. We must also pay attention to the movement of the market.

I know a friend who made 3.5 million in a year, just via trading. If I can a million a year, I will be happy, at least for the moment.