Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gocean(0074)Green Ocean Corporation is the darling of the players this morning

Today GOcean(0074) suddenly jumped to 14 cents and became top 10 counters.

Can we actually catch it? We want to catch it, we need to buy yesterday and if we wanted to buy yesterday, we need to decide on Dec 28, 2010.

I saw a gravestone doji on Dec 28, 2010. Yes, if I have seen that signal, I could have entered the market and bought GOcean.

If I don't have insider information, I probably will miss it because this is a mesdaq counter and it is losing money for the past two years. I am trying to examine on the system I used so that I could improve and could catch it in the future. If I don't want to look at fundamental, just technical, my Meta stock explorer should have picked up this counter on Dec 28, 2010 so that I could buy on Dec 29 and could get out today.

On hindsight, it is easy to say, but we need to use the hindsight to improve out foresight.

If I were to buy GOcean at 0.075 for 100,000 on Dec 29, 2010 and sold it today at the height of the market this morning at 0.14, I could have made RM 6341.55.

Ace-market counters seemed to be quite popular. Today's top 20, we have Tejari(0140), Ipower(0069), Mobif(0042), BCttech(0130), Tecfast(0084) , Iris(0010),Asiaep(0039),Keywest(0095).

Tejari has already performed on Dec 27, 2010. BCttech moved up yesterday.
Keywest has moved up very fast this morning. Other counters are not performing. These counters are very speculative. You catch it, you are lucky. You need to trade, meaning you need to buy and sell.

You need to have a system to trade or at least you base on chart unless you are a insider. But insider trading is prohibited. Be very careful.

I am happy if I could buy today and sell tomorrow. Or buy today and sell within contra period. Or buy today and sell within 10 days. If I have to hold too long, it will mean that my judgement is wrong. If we want to trade short-term, we cannot hold a stock for too long otherwise we will be carrying a lot of stocks in our hand and we might not remember what we have.

I am still watching Uchitec(7100). It seems to take time but it is quite firm in term of price and fundamental. At 12:05, it is priced at 1.30.

Ytle(0009) is still in the consolidating stage. At 12:05, it is priced at 1.28.

Hiaptek(5072) is still in the accumulating stage. At 12:05, it is priced at 1.16.

Just monitoring, if the stocks that I am watching did not move, it would mean that my perception of the market is not in line with the general market. It means that I am wrong in the short-term. Sometime it might mean that the operator does not want to move the counter because there are too many investors in the counter, moving it would allow the investors to make money and the operator's intention is to make money himself and not to let the investors to make money. When moving a counter, the operator's concern is whether he or she can make money, the investors can make money or not is not the operator's concern. The operator will want the investors to come in after he or she has accumulated enough stock and when he or she wanted to dispose.

Market has three stages: accumulation, run-up (uptrend) or run-down (downtrend), and distribution. You want to be in the accumulation stage so that you can enjoy the run-up. You certainly don't want to be in the distribution stage.

Hiaptek(5072) seems to be coming for another round.

Hiaptek(5072)was priced at 1.18 on Sep 7, 2010 and went up to 1.41 on Sep 29, 2010.

If I were to buy 10,000 shares, I could have made RM 2109.83.

There was a doji sign on Sep 2, 2010, three trading days earlier.

The second chance of buying was on Oct 18, 2010 at 1.22, a doji sign was evident 5 days earlier.

You could dispose on Oct 22,2010 at 1.34. If you were to buy 10,000 shares, you could make RM 1011.72.

If you were to buy at 1.26 on Nov 8, 2010 and sold it on Nov 11, 2010 on 1.32. You could have made RM 410.46 if you bought 10,000 shares. A doji sign was evident on Nov 8, 2010.

This time around, you can see two doji signs appeared, one on Dec 22 and the other one on Dec 27, 2010.

Today is Dec 29, 2010, the market closed at 1.16. There is a final dividend of 1.5 sen single tier on the pipeline which is going to be ex on Jan 6, 2011.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Opportunities in the market

Maxbiz(9733)and Jaks (4723)'s trading volume become top 10 stocks today.

Maxbiz was only 0.09 at closing yesterday. If I were to buy 20,000 at 9 cents yesterday, I could dispose them at 0.165 and make RM 1412.47.

If I were to buy 100,000 at 9 cents yesterday, I could have disposed them at 0.165 and make RM 7312.35.

If I were to buy 500,000 at 9 cents yesterday, I could have disposed them at 0.165 and make RM 36,567.75.

Of course, there is a risk between buying 10,000 shares and 500,000 shares.

Just buy one day earlier, you will be richer.

I was watching Jaks a few days ago. It closed at 0.71 on Dec 27 and 0.72 on Dec 28.

I did not take action because of other position. If were to buy 20,000 at 0.72 and sold it off at 0.755 this morning, I will make RM 483.15.

If I were to buy 50,000, I could make RM 1210.38 and if I were to buy 100,000 shares, I could have made RM 7312.35

If I am a busy person and could not check the chart daily, I could have employed an assistant and pay him RM 2000 to check the chart daily and report back to me. I could have bought on Dec 28 and sold on Dec 29, 2010. If I have the guts to buy then I would have made. This is on theory, however, I think it is workable and viable because many traders look at charts. Charts do tell a story.

I was watching Fitters(9318). It was priced at 0.68 on Dec 27, 2010. If I were to buy 20,000 at 0.68 and sold it at 0.705 and I will make 296.49. You might say 296 very little, then you buy 100,000 and you will make RM 1487.45. You buy more then you are taking more risk.

I was watching Hiaptek(5072). It is priced at 1.16 at 3:25 pm. I saw a doji sign on the chart and I think it will move very soon.

How about Uchitec(7100)?It is priced at 1.29. Today is ex-date for interim dividend 5 sen T.E. Yesterday price was 1.33, today's price has already been adjusted.

I am still watching YTLE(0009). It is priced at 1.29 at 3:26 pm. It has moved a little bit just because YTLpower(6742) moved 4 cents to 2.49.

They said trading is an art. I said you need many players to buy a counter or you need one big or a few players to buy a counter, then it will go up.